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My house is 5 minutes driving and 15-20 minutes by bus to UCLA/Kaplan/ELC. Please remember that the map here is most likely showing the wrong location.

This is a small private room with a shared bath but we also have a larger private room with a private bath.

The bus stop for the bus that goes directly to UCLA (does not to transfer) is at the end of the block (walking distance). The bus is the 761 metro bus (red) and it stops at the Getty Center. You can google the bus by going to You would take only one bus to go to UCLA, Kaplan and ELC and the distance to the house is about 4 or 5 stops.

We have: 1) Small private bedroom with a shared bath $800/month. 2) $900 Private bedroom with a private bathroom.Please contact us for availability.

Our family has hosted students from many countries all over the world in the past years. The house is quiet and allows for privacy for all.

Airport pickup and meals may be pickup arranged.

map link
Maria -5 minutes to Westwood/UCLA/Kaplan/ELC
$900 USD

Name Maria -5 minutes to Westwood/UCLA/Kaplan/ELC
Location Los Angeles, California (USA)
Neighbourhood map click here
Date available: 2016-04-07
Until: 2018-01-31
Monthly homestay fees $900 USD per month
Does this include meals?   no
Includes breakfast? no
Includes lunch? no
Includes supper? no

Does this homestay have pets?    no
Does this homestay allow smoking?    no

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Listing submitted: 2010-10-18

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