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Hello, my name is Leilanie Panyawai. I live in Monrovia, Ca. I have a daughter who still lives with me and will be starting her Master \'s this August. I have a dog, named Mushu.

In 2013, I had 3 Chinese high school students in the first semester of the year. Summer 2013, I had 2 Chinese high school students that stayed for 5 weeks. 2013 Fall semester, I had 1 Japanese student who stayed until February 2014, then flew back to Japan to finish high school.

I would like to host an International student who will be a Freshmen or sophomore in a university or college and I prefer a girl student.

I have a two-storey house with 4 bedrooms, 2 of which are not occupied. I will reserve 1 room for the student, but I will keep the other room available for other family members during the time they come home for vacation or family events.

I love to cook and watch movies. I like to keep the house clean and organized always. I am a very active person in the community and love meeting people. Sundays, my daughter and I go to church and eat out for lunch if we are not busy doing other things.

The bedroom has a twin size bed, a desk, a small closet, bookshelf, drawer sabi bet, fan, hamper and trash can. I do have house rules and I would like them to be respected as I will respect the privacy of the student

If you want to contact me, please send me an e-mail fir any questions or concerns. I will make myself available if you want to see my house and meet you in person.

Thank you.

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Leilanie Panyawai
$1000 USD

Name Leilanie Panyawai
Location Los Angeles, California (USA)
Neighbourhood map click here
Date available: 2017-07-01
Until: 2018-12-31
Monthly homestay fees $1000 USD per month
Does this include meals?   yes
Includes breakfast? yes
Includes lunch?
Includes supper? yes

Does this homestay have pets?    yes
Does this homestay allow smoking?    no

Link to photos: none

Listing submitted: 2015-07-04

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